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I did not read all that he had written, after his first four words in response to my piece were, “Hit pieces, like this.”

My response: “So this is a hit piece[!]” After, presumably, realizing that that was all I was going to say, he came back with: “I have attempted to rectify the situation between us, I really don’t know how we will communicate … Continue reading

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Spectacular Music Christmas Offering of the Day, 12/3/2016 – Psallite, Unigenito – Vinyl Version

Psallite, unigenito (a 4) Psallite unigenito Christo Dei Filio, Christo Dei Filio, Redemptori Domino, puerulo, iacenti in praesepio. What if an Infant small be cradled in the stall, Angel quires in heav’nly hall Before his footstool fall, Singing anthems all. … Continue reading

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How Donald Trump Could Honestly Clear Himself of His Horrendous Threat Against Hillary Clinton. But Not Really!

He could first of all say that in his remark there was no ambiguity whatsoever about when “Second Amendment people” would apply. Obviously it would only apply after Hillary Clinton was elected and she could appoint judges. So, he could … Continue reading

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