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Why the enemies of Obamacare oppose it!

Today, my comment on Paul Krugman’s terrific Op-Ed, Lousy Medicaid Arguments, didn’t make it because the New York Times closed out comments just as I was ready to publish it.  I feel that this is one of my best! Krugman … Continue reading

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Republicans Don’t Hate Obamacare as Much as its Threat to Their Survival!

NY Times News Analysis: Losing a Lot to Get Little misses the reason for the rabid Republican opposition to Obamacare. The issue here is not “despising” the Affordable Care Act, but the very survival of the Republican Party.  It cannot afford … Continue reading

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Debt Ceiling Cliff: Fabulous opportunity for John Boehner to take control! Just needs to think outside the box.

Step one: Identify his real enemy. DONE: His own party, especially the conservatives who are holding the rest of the party hostage. Final Step:  Get them to beg him to release the House to vote through a clean bill. How:  … Continue reading

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