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Trump Will Attack North Korea With Nukes!

His competition is not with President Obama, but with the famous and infamous of history! Continue reading

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Another – Better – Conversation About Trump:

My friend replied to my Facebook post where I mocked the premise of an op-ed article in The New York Times. I argued from its absurd premise to an absurd conclusion. My conclusion: Rural Folks Voted for Trump Because He is … Continue reading

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We Were Like Frogs Dying in Water Boiling – That’s How Trump Won!

When I learned that long ago as a young man, Trump racially profiled prospective tenants, it was enough for me to disqualify him for the Presidency, let alone [intending no insult to dog-catchers] dog-catcher. And it should have been enough … Continue reading

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Trump: “US Should Expand Nuclear Capacity” – More Like This Could Save Our Very Lives!

​​From today’s New York Times, Thursday, December 22, 2016: WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — President-elect Donald J. Trump said on Thursday that the United States should greatly “expand its nuclear capability…” “Mr. Trump’s statement, in a midafternoon Twitter post, may … Continue reading

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The Current Crisis and the Electoral College

Yesterday, published in The Jewish Pluralist was my response to an article posted there by Peter Eisenstadt: The Current Crisis and the Electoral College. My Response to The Current Crisis and the Electoral College available with this link, and below, takes issue with Mr. Eisenstadt’s fine … Continue reading

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More On: How China Could Save Us from Donald Trump

It was said my suggestion that China mobilize against Taiwan was extreme and dangerous. I cannot argue with that. So what do we need? What we need is a reaction so imtimidating, hopefully not so dangerous, that will be a … Continue reading

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Please Read Federalist #68 to See Why We Should Keep It and Swear to Honor It!

​The arguments for the Electoral College are elucidated there. Those who claim to value the “Intent of the Framers” – if they really subscribe to that and are not just trotting that out whenever convenient – should read and learn … Continue reading

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