Before Smartphones and Computers Kids Had Real Fun

The old days had such charm! Perhaps our time will have its charms when seen from its future?


Kids nowadays will just never understand.

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Vintage Pictures Brought to Life After Colourisation

Time machines! Didn’t know the AAA supported such a bad idea. Probably seemed to make a kind of sense at the time, but not in the long run.


After a thrilling chase through the busiest streets of Washington, a couple of bootleggers and their car come to grief at the hands of the Capitol police, 21st January 1922

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Question: Would the White House Even Try to Defend Our International Reputation in the Event of a Devastating Attack on Innocent People Living Here or Even on American Citizens? I Think Not!

I am reading an historical novel about a young American girl who gets a job, during the late 1930s, writing copy for the German Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda’s Broadcasting Division, English Language Service. She writes for a Lord Lyon who broadcasts to England ala Tokyo Rose.

According to the novel, the department was assigned the job of mitigating the international consequences of Kristallnacht. The supervisor, Dieter, informed them, “… the Daily Telegraph in London called it ‘racial hatred and hysteria by otherwise decent people.’ We have to deal with this in a way that helps our listeners [the English and Americans] get a fuller picture than they have gotten from their own domestic press.”

That is, even the Nazis were concerned with the international implications and damage to reputation caused by their behavior. They didn’t want people outside Germany to lose the presumption that Germans were “otherwise decent people.”

This administration has so far indicated no interest or concern for damage to our international reputation caused by its outspoken positions or its behavior.

If some horrific attack on members of any of the groups already targeted for abuse, or worse, occurred – God help us nowhere near the horror of a “Kristallnacht” – would this administration attempt, even as propaganda, to mitigate damage done to our international reputation?

I, for one, am afraid not!

· Berlin Calling, Kelly Durham, 2015, 2017, Kindle Edition, p. 46

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Spectacular Mountain Landscape Photography

These are all amazing! Each and every one!


Max Rive is a talented 30-year-old photographer, adventurer and climber from the Netherlands, who runs worldwide photo tours and shoots stunning mountains and landscapes.

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Bridegroom’s Oak: The Tree With Its Own Postal Address

Lovely story!



Dodauer Forst,
23701 Eutin, Germany

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The Empty Moscow Subway

Like “Churches of Communism.”


For two weeks last year, Canadian photographer David Burdeny spent his nights 200 feet underground, shooting the surreal opulence of the Moscow Metro.

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Splendid Organized Trash

A new concept of “Still Life!”


Alvaro Naddeo is a self-taught artist with a fascination for the urban environments he has faced, such as Lima, New York and Los Angeles where he currently resides.

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