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Sessions Failure to Recuse Himself “Several Weeks Ago” is an Indictment of His Character!

An honorable person would have recused themselves immediately, breaking the news themselves, not waiting, hoping to get away with it! But he has been considering “recusal over the last several weeks.” SEVERAL WEEKS! “In a statement, Sessions said that over … Continue reading

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I Am Very Disappointed With Kirsten Gillabrand!

​Yesterday morning, Kirsten Gillabrand, or her office, replied to me by name to my opinion on the nomination of Judge Gorsuch. I had included my opinion in response to her survey. (See her full response below.) My reply: I read … Continue reading

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When a Church is Not a Church!

State Police alerted after Nazareth College students of Muslim faith attend Penfield church “After their student status was confirmed, the police dropped the matter.” Was this necessary? Was even checking the students story necessary? I have been to this Church … Continue reading

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Please Read Federalist #68 to See Why We Should Keep It and Swear to Honor It!

​The arguments for the Electoral College are elucidated there. Those who claim to value the “Intent of the Framers” – if they really subscribe to that and are not just trotting that out whenever convenient – should read and learn … Continue reading

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How Donald Trump Could Honestly Clear Himself of His Horrendous Threat Against Hillary Clinton. But Not Really!

He could first of all say that in his remark there was no ambiguity whatsoever about when “Second Amendment people” would apply. Obviously it would only apply after Hillary Clinton was elected and she could appoint judges. So, he could … Continue reading

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If You Think a Trump Presidency is Dangerous, You Should Declare for Hillary and Not Put Us All At Risk!

“None of us will vote for Donald Trump,” the letter states, though it notes later that many Americans “have doubts about Hillary Clinton, as do many of us.” “Mr. Bellinger said that among the signatories, “some will vote for” Mrs. … Continue reading

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