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We Need a Test For Those Who Had the Virus and are No Longer Infectious!

My question: Is there a test that can tell us that someone had the virus already, and can no longer communicate the disease to others? This, for any who had symptoms, or had no symptoms at all. These would then … Continue reading

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Should the Democratic Candidate Accept Mike Bloomberg’s Help?

Mike Bloomberg will support the Democratic nominee through to election day, even if he is not the nominee. Should the nominee accept his help? This question applies to any of the candidates, but is of particular significance to the “anti-billionaire” … Continue reading

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How Does Ukraine’s Helping Trump Jeopardize our National Security?

Our media needs to incorporate into their presentations a retinue of mantra issues. Take note: That is exactly what Trump’s choir does all day long. We must help the public to understand and appreciate key issues in depth. There are … Continue reading

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It’s Time to Own Up to “What America Does,” When America Does Wrong!

Last night on Bill Maher, Amy Klobuchar said, “I would never leave those Kurds, have left [those Kurds] for slaughter, like this guy has done. That’s not what America does!” WRONG! Unfortunately, that IS what America does. When I was … Continue reading

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Does Even Trump Believe His Accusations Against the Bidens

Do we believe for a second, or even a nanosecond, that Trump and his minions, or even Trump himself, believe even a scintilla of the stuff they’re accusing the Bidens of doing. I don’t! It’s all about going through the … Continue reading

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10 Minutes From War!

Let’s say the only thing true about the pullback from attacking Iran was that the decision was made and transmitted 10 minutes before it was too late. We returned from Florida yesterday: At long last we are home safe and … Continue reading

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Mueller Insulted Barr!

Mueller’s remarks are very subtle. One point missed in all comments I have heard is the insult to Barr. First comments pointed out Mueller’s reference to respect for Barr as respect for Barr. Very shortly after they realized the respect … Continue reading

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Mueller Wants Congress to Lay Off Seeking Redactions and His Testimony (for the moment.)

Referring to Barr’s good faith in this narrow context, and especially “made the report largely public” means there is enough available to proceed with impeachment already. To wait until impeachment to use redactions to nail the case down, and for … Continue reading

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Mueller Doesn’t Rule Out Collusion!

Mueller said, “If we had confidence that the president had clearly not committed a crime we would have said so,” said Mueller, adding, “Charging the president with a crime is not an option we could consider.” Note that although this … Continue reading

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How will Dishonorable Evangelicals Respond if Kavanaugh is Approved?

Kavanaugh has just been approved for a floor vote in the Senate. Before its too late, and hopefully he’s rejected, I want to make my prediction before the issue is decided. [My analysis applies only to Evangelicals, the dishonorable ones, … Continue reading

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