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What’s a Real Apology?

Apologies are real, genuine, when they are sincere, and take unambiguous full responsibility for words and actions, so that their victim can see, and appreciate, that the person who wronged them cares about wronging them. Only then, when the victim … Continue reading

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The Primary Scripture!

​If I could pick one verse from scripture, and claim that everything else – not just scripture, but everything else – should take account of it, this would be the one: “The Lord created me [Wisdom] at the beginning of … Continue reading

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In my post Conversation with Defender of Trump Tweets and Subsequent Threats to Carrier Union Leader, Trump’s challenge to the President’s legitimacy was, for me, in Aristotle’s terms, “Necessary and Sufficient.” To say that Trump’s “birther” claim was a Necessary & Sufficient … Continue reading

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Amoral Republicans Hide Behind Expectation of Trump Loss!

We ask the obvious question: Why don’t the Republican establishment and office holders declare now that they will vote for Hillary when they  know that a Trump presidency will be an unmitigated disaster! They are counting on a Trump loss … Continue reading

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Comment on Pragmatism that Missed the Boat at the New York Times

You caught my interest straightaway by calling yourself “Pragmatist” and you fulfill it in saying, “In Trump, they see someone who doesn’t care about religion, but is more likely to support their views if it elects him.” You immediately go on … Continue reading

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What Do the Pharmaceutical Industry and the NRA Have in Common?

Money Trumps Lives! While Governor Chris Christie was announcing that he would not address any expansion of New Jersey’s medical marijuana program, after a 24 hour seizure, a 15 month-old baby died. “I am done expanding the medical marijuana program.  … Continue reading

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Prayer in Schools: Chris Matthews’ Guest, Libertarian Matt Kibbe, Evades the Issue with Sophistry

When asked if children should be subjected to religious views or practices not their own, Mr. Kibbe said that government should not be involved. Mr. Matthews anticipated incorrectly that Mr. Kibbe meant the Federal government, but Mr. Kibbe objected to … Continue reading

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