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Does Even Trump Believe His Accusations Against the Bidens

Do we believe for a second, or even a nanosecond, that Trump and his minions, or even Trump himself, believe even a scintilla of the stuff they’re accusing the Bidens of doing. I don’t! It’s all about going through the … Continue reading

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Three Strikes and Your Out Rule For Rude Guests

This morning, spoken with desperation and a quaver in his voice, so rapidly it was hard to make out, Jake Tapper said to Jim Jordan, “AIl right, Congressman Jordan, we appreciate your appearance. Thank you so much for being here. … Continue reading

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Impeach Trump – Limit Investigations to Relevance!

The Democrats should reduce their message to impeachment only. The House should curtail investigation of his tax returns to 2017 and 2018. Impeachable offenses cannot be found in prior years. I would bet that if the House reduced their demand … Continue reading

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Impeachment II: Procedure and the Constitution

In the United States, no man is above the law, and this secured at the top by the constitutional provisions for the impeachment of the president. The procedure is drawn from 3 or 4 places in the Constitution… Source: MMcDonald77: … Continue reading

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