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It’s Not What You Did Then, But How You’ve Lived Your Life Since!

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is embroiled in a scandal involving blackface that he wore for a yearbook picture and some shows. He has apologized profusely. But apologizing profusely is not the issue, even if before God, his apology is … Continue reading

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Sessions Failure to Recuse Himself “Several Weeks Ago” is an Indictment of His Character!

An honorable person would have recused themselves immediately, breaking the news themselves, not waiting, hoping to get away with it! But he has been considering “recusal over the last several weeks.” SEVERAL WEEKS! “In a statement, Sessions said that over … Continue reading

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Here! Here! John Roberts!

Supreme Court says race-based testimony discriminated against black death row inmate. How can one tell if someone who can count on being remembered by history is a decent person? If being remembered well by history is vital, the pivotal question … Continue reading

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What’s a Real Apology?

Apologies are real, genuine, when they are sincere, and take unambiguous full responsibility for words and actions, so that their victim can see, and appreciate, that the person who wronged them cares about wronging them. Only then, when the victim … Continue reading

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‚ÄčAm I Crazy? Perhaps!

Last Friday evening I did something that I expect many, perhaps most, would frown upon or think me crazy. I knew immediately that I wanted to write about it, but found it difficult to come up with an approach. It … Continue reading

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The Primary Scripture!

‚ÄčIf I could pick one verse from scripture, and claim that everything else – not just scripture, but everything else – should take account of it, this would be the one: “The Lord created me [Wisdom] at the beginning of … Continue reading

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Another – Better – Conversation About Trump:

My friend replied to my Facebook post where I mocked the premise of an op-ed article in The New York Times. I argued from its absurd premise to an absurd conclusion. My conclusion: Rural Folks Voted for Trump Because He is … Continue reading

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