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It’s Time to Own Up to “What America Does,” When America Does Wrong!

Last night on Bill Maher, Amy Klobuchar said, “I would never leave those Kurds, have left [those Kurds] for slaughter, like this guy has done. That’s not what America does!” WRONG! Unfortunately, that IS what America does. When I was … Continue reading

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“Are you better off now than you were four years ago?” What question is being answered? A puzzle explained. (Re-published to Complete)

Last week Chris Matthews of MSNBC’s Hardball was perplexed by the contradiction between poll results that reported a startlingly negative response to the “are you better off” question,” and positive ones that President Obama was trusted more to handle the … Continue reading

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Consider: Is Mitt Romney faking his faux pas? No matter how well he does in the debates, if he isn’t, his campaign is doomed!

Isn’t it quite something how the media has been building up suspense about the upcoming¬†debates,¬†claiming that Mr. Romney could turn it all around in the first debate. Saying things like: Romney is a good debater?¬† Witness how in the debates … Continue reading

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