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The Key to Trump Chanukah Slurring and Much, if Not All, and Possibly All, Else!

Trump’s slurring during yesterday’s Chanukah message was intentional. Please notice that any time Trump says anything that he fears his base might not like, he somehow sullies the message. What “somehow” doesn’t matter. A clear message, e.g, honoring Jews, cannot … Continue reading

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Trump Will Attack North Korea With Nukes!

His competition is not with President Obama, but with the famous and infamous of history! Continue reading

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Why Steve Bannon Must! Remain in the White House

I started with “Might Need to Remain,” but our need depends on our appreciating that Bannon might be able to influence Trump against a first strike. “Might” makes “must,” even if “might not,” because “might” could make the difference between … Continue reading

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Tom Paine II: The American Crisis

Tom Paine II: The American Crisis JANUARY 30, 2017LEAVE A COMMENT In a previous blog, Thomas Paine 1776, I selected the very famous quotes as: “These are the times that try men’s souls…,” from Common Sense.  Here, Paine explains much about … Continue reading

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Provocative Statements and Supposed Walk-Backs are “Double-Speak!”

My comment at the New York Times, see: Rocky First Weekend for Trump Troubles Even His Top Aides Will we never learn? This is “double-speak!” A raw position followed by what looks like a walk-back – and sadly, taken for … Continue reading

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​Why Are Trump Supporters So Apoplectic With Anger Even Now That He Is President?

The reason is that they desperately need validation from Trump opponents who they know are right. They know deep down that the predicted disaster will “almost surely” come! We say “almost surely” because we ourselves cling, for self preservation, to … Continue reading

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Even If We Just Hope That a So Far Non-Existent “Good Trump” Will Magically Appear, We Are Delusional!

​This is not like Donald Trump is a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde combo, and we all hope that his Dr. Jekyll will stand up and take control of his Mr. Hyde. We should realize that that doesn’t even happen … Continue reading

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