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My name is Joe, but username Joe was already taken. I am interested in politics, religion and ideas that are off the beaten path, whatever the subject.

Kamala Harris Does Not Have Auto-reply Set Up On Her Designated Campaign Email Address!

“To contact Kamala Harris For The People, please email” I just emailed, “Do you have auto-reply set up on this email address?” My first message to this address was to congratulate her and express appreciation for fine answers to … Continue reading

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Why did students who had everything: looks, fine grades, popularity, social acceptance, leadership in school society, most any girl, have to torture those who had the least?

“The shooting forced a national conversation about school safety, SWAT tactics, mental health and gun control…” But it has never been addressed, from my recollection, why students who had everything: looks, fine grades, popularity, social acceptance, leadership in school society, … Continue reading

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My Border Deal for Eternity

What do you think? In exchange for comprehensive immigration reform, including all humanitarian dream positions to include: Unlimited protection for Dreamers. Amnesty for all illegals subject to fair examination of criminal activity – illegal left-turns, or even illegal right-turns, will … Continue reading

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How will Dishonorable Evangelicals Respond if Kavanaugh is Approved?

Kavanaugh has just been approved for a floor vote in the Senate. Before its too late, and hopefully he’s rejected, I want to make my prediction before the issue is decided. [My analysis applies only to Evangelicals, the dishonorable ones, … Continue reading

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The Key to Trump Chanukah Slurring and Much, if Not All, and Possibly All, Else!

Trump’s slurring during yesterday’s Chanukah message was intentional. Please notice that any time Trump says anything that he fears his base might not like, he somehow sullies the message. What “somehow” doesn’t matter. A clear message, e.g, honoring Jews, cannot … Continue reading

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The Attack on Roy Moore is a Politically Motivated Witch Hunt: Please Stop Denying the Obvious

​Denying Roy Moore’s defense, by himself and others, that attacks on him are a witch hunt is a stupid gift to the guilty man, enabling deflection away from the  relevant subject: the APPROPRIATE delving into the history of an already … Continue reading

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Trump Will Attack North Korea With Nukes!

His competition is not with President Obama, but with the famous and infamous of history! Continue reading

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