Please Media, Don’t Shortcut the Facts – Trump Broke the Law – He Did NOT Admit To It

Dear Media,

Stop saying that Trump admitted that he broke the law. He did NOT do that. He admitted that he DID the things that ARE against the law. But these are not the same.

Please! Say what he did, explain the law and the significance of that law, and then say that he acknowledged doing those things.

Saying that Trump admitted that he broke the law can be countered successfully with a plain denial. Reiterating what he did, making clear the wrong, and then his admission to that, will keep the whole story in context. When you raise the subject, the public will be fully informed. It is the whole story: what he did; that it broke the law; that it was a critical law; that he said he did that thing, that will have the best chance of being understood, appreciated, resonate, and be remembered!

About Ghoh

My name is Joe, but username Joe was already taken. I am interested in politics, religion and ideas that are off the beaten path, whatever the subject.
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