Kamala Harris Does Not Have Auto-reply Set Up On Her Designated Campaign Email Address!

“To contact Kamala Harris For The People, please email info@kamalaharris.org.” I just emailed, “Do you have auto-reply set up on this email address?” My first message to this address was to congratulate her and express appreciation for fine answers to tough issues raised in her first public interview by Rachel Maddow. No auto-reply ever, not yet this time!

At first I sent several messages to this address expressing the importance of having auto-reply. I felt that this shortcoming was so obvious that if this account was at least being monitored it would have quickly resulted in setting up auto-play ASAP!

Now I am afraid that this email address is a “Black Hole!”

Now I am opposed to the candidacy of Kamala Harris on grounds of incompetence. If Ms. Harris does not have the competence to choose a webmaster who has the sense to set up auto-reply, or even knows how to, how can we expect her to select people of plain common sense or competence on matters of critical life-challenging matters affecting our country and its people? Not to mention the world!

Has she rejected auto-reply herself? Perhaps Ms. Harris does not know what to say in an auto-reply. This is understandable since an auto-reply can feel disingenuos, suspected of being a ‘Black Hole.”

Does Ms. Harris not have the skill to compose, or choose someone to compose, an effective auto-reply? For example, “You can be sure that every message will be read by me, most likely by one of my staff, and I will be kept informed of the sense of all your messsges. Sometimes a member of my staff will reply to you personally, or possibly I will reply to you personally myself.”

Is Kamala Harris prepared to expend whatever resources that would be necessary to keep any and all promises made in an auto-reply? An auto-reply is a golden opportunity to show her followers – and anyone interested in communicating with her – that she religiously keeps promises made to those who show interest, who expend their time and energy to reach her.

I was shocked when I originally failed to get any reply to messages to the Kamala Harris Campaign. Now I am amazed that since then nothing has changed. Is Ms. Harris incompetent in not knowing how to choose a competent web master, not knowing how to draft or select an advisor to draft an appropriate reply to messages addressed to her, or to commit to any and all promises made in her response?

So which is worst?

· Not knowing how to select campaign staff (eventually administration personnel) and incapable of judging their work?

· Unreachable through her campaign email address, perhaps because it is unmonitored?

· Incapable of drafting, or finding someone capable of drafting an appropriate and excellent reply to people who want to communicate with her?

· Unwilling or incapable of committing the resources to keep promises made in replies to messages?

Hard to choose, but in keeping with the season, maybe “Dayenu (Da-ye-nu)” says it all: Any of these would be, on their own, enough to reject Kamala Harris for President!


About Ghoh

My name is Joe, but username Joe was already taken. I am interested in politics, religion and ideas that are off the beaten path, whatever the subject.
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