How will Dishonorable Evangelicals Respond if Kavanaugh is Approved?

Kavanaugh has just been approved for a floor vote in the Senate. Before its too late, and hopefully he’s rejected, I want to make my prediction before the issue is decided.

[My analysis applies only to Evangelicals, the dishonorable ones, who have turned a blind eye to all the trepidations of those they support to get what they want.]

The facile view is that Evangelical Republican supporters of Kavanaugh will out of appreciation to Republicans for getting them what they want so much, rally to their support. That despite having given up their souls.

I am hoping that they want their souls back, or at least a rationalization to substitute for delusions that they have souls, that I very much doubt that they ever had. If Kavanaugh is put on the Court they will have gotten what they wanted. Hopefully, a guaranteed 5 – 4 on the Court will be enough. In November, some of them will have the chance to get back the appearance of having souls. They cannot be unaware of the stark contradictions between what they have always claimed to stand for. These people did not turn a blind eye to the character and deeds of Donald Trump. I believe that they were, and are exquisitely aware of every violation of themselves, or at least what they stood for – or imagined they stood for – that they made to get their pet desire.

My hope – from my mouth to Gd’s ear – is that to redeem their souls – or at least to believe again that they have souls – having gotten what they gave them up for, and not having the Court purpose anymore, will withdraw their involvement – or even vote morally – in the upcoming election.

That, unless they want to gild the lilly to insure a 6 – 3 Court.

[The above is not a broad brush applying to all Evangelicals, but only to those who have violated the moral positions that they have stood for since time immemorial to get what they want.]

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My name is Joe, but username Joe was already taken. I am interested in politics, religion and ideas that are off the beaten path, whatever the subject.
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