The Key to Trump Chanukah Slurring and Much, if Not All, and Possibly All, Else!

Trump’s slurring during yesterday’s Chanukah message was intentional.

Please notice that any time Trump says anything that he fears his base might not like, he somehow sullies the message. What “somehow” doesn’t matter. A clear message, e.g, honoring Jews, cannot go unfettered. Much of his 32% would not tolerate plain Trump involvement in celebrating a Jewish holiday. Likewise, honoring Navajo Code Talkers with a clean message would not do with supporters who are unsympathetic to American Indians, or outright antagonistic. Here, an insult to an honored Indian, Pocahontas.

This same analysis applies whenever Trump says or does anything politically correct that he may be forced by circumstances to say or do. Anything “right” that his base might not like must be taken back immediately, or soon thereafter, i.e., saying intolerable appropriate things after Charlottesville.

In all these cases, statements or actions offensive to his base must not be allowed to stand. Observe that it is hard to find examples of “politically correct” things being allowed to stand.

So why not apply this observation going forward or indeed, from yesterday. Why take for granted that Trump’s slurring was a genuine problem with his health, or his teeth, or whatever, and only discussing which one. One should know that  behavior sympathetic to Jews can’t be permitted to stand. Here, slurring, especially exaggerated on “God Bless America” is how he changed the subject from honoring Jews to anything else. The question should be, “Did whatever he did or said function to sully his statement or action?” If the answer is no, this would be the first time, perhaps ever, that he let stand something his supporters didn’t like. If yes, go on to explain how this slurring functions in the context. Note, if the slurring were honest, there would be some additional blight present to sully the message. The slurring having been unanticipated.

If the question isn’t asked at all it means our pundits haven’t learned from the virtually unbroken patterns since forever with Donald Trump. Unfortunately, our people haven’t figured this out yet, and I fear, just won’t.

So by slurring his speech in a statement honoring Jews, by acting, or pocketing his dentures, he changed the subject to anything other than honoring Jews. It doesn’t matter how he changed the subject. If he hadn’t somehow, it would set an intolerable precedent.

There is no doubt, he slurred his speech intentionally.​


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My name is Joe, but username Joe was already taken. I am interested in politics, religion and ideas that are off the beaten path, whatever the subject.
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