Trump Will Attack North Korea With Nukes!

I have been wondering for quite a while what Trump’s plan for war with North Korea is? None of these ideas are new and I have no reason to come to a conclusion now, but the reasoning just seems less and less escapable.

First of all, he has no plan. It is not in his nature to have a plan, not in the ordinary sense, but I am sure he has considered just two possibilities: nuclear war in retaliation or first strike nuclear attack on North Korea by him. Even a conventional war started by them would be followed by a nuclear attack by us. He has made that clear. But he will not allow them to start.

He has no detailed plan, but he expects that an escalation of his rhetoric and reaction by North Korea will lead to the imminent expectation that North Korea will attack, either with conventional weapons or nukes. Whether or not he anticipates or expects anything, his behavior will take him, them, and us to the same place. We will never know which because he cannot allow them to start the war. He will launch a nuclear attack before they can.

His choice is between them first, in whatever manner, and our nuclear retaliation, or our first strike. Retaliation will not do! It must be our first strike because only that will invade the most minds with his presence, even after he and the rest of us are all dead and gone. He has no presence in his own mind; his presence exists only in the minds of others. That is his pathology and our plight.

He will be compelled by his nature to dominate world history – if there is to be any world history – FOREVER!!!

A frightening thought: His competition is not with President Obama, but with the famous and infamous of history. That is, Alexander, Caesar, Gengis Khan, Napoleon, Stalin and … !!!

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My name is Joe, but username Joe was already taken. I am interested in politics, religion and ideas that are off the beaten path, whatever the subject.
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3 Responses to Trump Will Attack North Korea With Nukes!

  1. the moron’s moron is narcissistic enough and powerful enough to believe all of his actions fully justifiable As commander in chief of the most powerful nation on earth he’s tweeted about using the most powerful non-nuclear bunker bomb in history. Not that he can spell logic, but the logical next step to go beyond that. I’ve been banging on about this for a while, Trump has no notion of Pyrrhic victory, win the war against North Korea and blow up the world and the nuclear winter that will ensure. He’d likely claim that as a victory against the global warming that his small brain cannot conceive of and claims not to believe in. The race is on against his indictment or the annihilation of humanity.

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  2. What if Putin is using N. Korea to get around mutually assured destruction? To impeach Trump, so Putin cannot bank on him, is the first step to fix this.

    The problem of N Korea was there before, and we have suggested working to make them a province of China, as a de-proliferation move, and regime change to which all might agree..

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