The Possibility, Even Likelihood of Pence and the Cabinet Removing Trump Increases Day By Day!

1. Pence wants to be President.

2. Congressional Republicans would prefer a President Pence.

3. President Trump is providing more and more pretext for them to get rid of him.

4. Another international precipice is inevitable, especially when the distraction provided by the aftermath of Charlottesville ebbs, and inevitably the Russia investigation returns in full force.

We can expect from experience that the next distraction – as we observe from the pattern – will be an escalation from the last. Considering that the last international distraction was the threat of nuclear first strike on North Korea upon verbal threat – NOT EVEN ACTION – it is hard to imagine what that escalation might be. Expect the international community, at least, to be soiling themselves.

Note that if Republicans aren’t really frightened, they will nevertheless be able to pretend that they are, and use the pretext, even in the House, to ratify a 25th Amendment Section 4 Application to determine Trump unfit to serve and make Pence President.

5. There is probably no love for Trump in the Cabinet. Consider the humiliation each went through when in turn they disgraced themselves kowtowing to Trump in Kim Jong Un style.

6. Cabinet members by acting in concert can escape the personal quandary they each face in resigning separately. Having lost the opportunity to not serve at all, or to have resigned quickly enough before being tarnished or disgraced by association, see John Kelly, it is a difficult choice to leave now, when they, having already lost face, can continue claiming that they can still restrain him. However absurd that argument, a valid reason to stay would be to stave off the danger that their replacements would not just be unable like themselves to do any good, but could very possibly have no interest in restraining Trump at all.

We have observed the subject of removing Trump via the 25th Amendment grow from academic info re the Amendment to activity by Democratic Congressmen, led by Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.), to take action to invoke it by declaring Trump incapacitated. This plan would require Congress to get two-thirds majorities in both Houses, Cabinet participation unnecessary, in advance of getting Pence on board. The possibility of this so far is ZERO.

The possibility of invocation by secret cabal is REAL and the possibility that both Houses would ratify it will grow until possibility becomes probability, probability becomes expectation, and expectation becomes behind the scenes agreement to end the Presidency of Donald J. Trump.

We must keep our fingers crossed. Success depends on secrecy!

The 25th Amendment – Section 4 With Plain Language


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  1. 5 House members submitted Articles of impeachment today.

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