A Horrifying Thought

When a dangerous country is on the verge of acquiring, not the nuclear weapons that they already have, but the ability to deliver them, it is time to consider an accommodation that gives them a GREAT LOT in exchange for giving up their nuclear program.

Even if this country and the world had the willingness, even desire, to approach Korea this way, the history of Libya and the developing history with Iran destroys the willingness of a country in Korea’s position to even consider making such a suicidal deal.

Considering the possibility that a President like Donald Trump might want to secure his place in history, if there is any short history to have a place in – except perhaps in some unlikely archeological history – by being the first person in the World to unleash nuclear holocaust …

About Ghoh

My name is Joe, but username Joe was already taken. I am interested in politics, religion and ideas that are off the beaten path, whatever the subject.
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