Question: Would the White House Even Try to Defend Our International Reputation in the Event of a Devastating Attack on Innocent People Living Here or Even on American Citizens? I Think Not!

I am reading an historical novel about a young American girl who gets a job, during the late 1930s, writing copy for the German Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda’s Broadcasting Division, English Language Service. She writes for a Lord Lyon who broadcasts to England ala Tokyo Rose.

According to the novel, the department was assigned the job of mitigating the international consequences of Kristallnacht. The supervisor, Dieter, informed them, “… the Daily Telegraph in London called it ‘racial hatred and hysteria by otherwise decent people.’ We have to deal with this in a way that helps our listeners [the English and Americans] get a fuller picture than they have gotten from their own domestic press.”

That is, even the Nazis were concerned with the international implications and damage to reputation caused by their behavior. They didn’t want people outside Germany to lose the presumption that Germans were “otherwise decent people.”

This administration has so far indicated no interest or concern for damage to our international reputation caused by its outspoken positions or its behavior.

If some horrific attack on members of any of the groups already targeted for abuse, or worse, occurred – God help us nowhere near the horror of a “Kristallnacht” – would this administration attempt, even as propaganda, to mitigate damage done to our international reputation?

I, for one, am afraid not!

· Berlin Calling, Kelly Durham, 2015, 2017, Kindle Edition, p. 46


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2 Responses to Question: Would the White House Even Try to Defend Our International Reputation in the Event of a Devastating Attack on Innocent People Living Here or Even on American Citizens? I Think Not!

  1. It is not clear that our own attack on Mexican immigrants, the city of Chicago (black gangs) or Muslims has yet been permanently shelved. Trump will flirt again with the White Supremacists when it suits his “winning” or his next sales pitch. Ditto for nuclear war. We need to impeach this man before it is too late. The committee system is not in the constitution, and any Democrat can Impeach for emoluments, election fraud, intimidation of the Press and others, Trump-Russian connections (Page, Tillerson, Flynn, Kirchner), and many more things- rewarding Bannon for fake news, defrauding the elderly through Trump U, etc. Someone told him the election would be thrown for him and the method- spy-marketing and targeted interference- could not be discovered. Now to jilt Putin, after rewarding him by questioning NATO and sanctions- he grows a heart about Syrian children getting gas attacked- like he did not know that is what men like Putin and Assad do. He admires every tyrant, the only plank in his platform that is not changeable according to perceived advantage-.Now he invited Duterte- who dishonored the U. S. Presidency, and is a murderer- to the White House. Charming. Enough of this Teflon Don- the articles will stick.

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  2. Now ICE has rounded up 1,400 Chaldeans around Detroit for deportation, one is already there- he smoked pot. Now he may be murdered because he is Christian. It is illegal because their lives are endangered as Iraqi Christians. With the stretch that charges people with intentional murder when one dies due to the violation of lesser laws, ICE will surely be guilty of murder.
    On a more positive note, Federalist 68 figures prominent in the Revived Revote case,#16-1464, due to be heard July 17. Look it up and check in with us- but watch the folks following us around. I’m reading through the case now, planning to write an Amicus Brief to the Court, trying to get past my “apoplexy” about the Chaldeans. Visit us on Twitter too, if they indeed let me out of my bubble, mmcdonald77 Twitter. Glad you are enjoying Mr. Alkr3!


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