Sessions Failure to Recuse Himself “Several Weeks Ago” is an Indictment of His Character!

An honorable person would have recused themselves immediately, breaking the news themselves, not waiting, hoping to get away with it!

But he has been considering “recusal over the last several weeks.” SEVERAL WEEKS!

“In a statement, Sessions said that over the last several weeks he has been meeting with “relevant senior career department officials” over whether he should recuse himself and “having concluded those meetings today I have decided to recuse myself from any existing or future investigations of any99th matters related in any way to the campaigns for president of the United States.”

After “several weeks,” I wonder, why TODAY?

Because the news broke YESTERDAY, and even then he obviously considered trying to get away with it!

“The move comes after it was reported Wednesday night that Sessions had two meetings with the Russian ambassador to the U.S. in 2016 after he started supporting Donald Trump’s presidential bid and then failed to disclose the contacts during his confirmation hearing.”

The issue here is not the merits. The issue is character! The slightest genuine question, or ambiguity, should be enough for an honorable person to realize that in an inquiry that will surely raise questions about themself, they don’t belong!

If he had removed himself immediately, when only he himself was aware of the issue, it would have elevated his stature and perhaps opened some minds which have been dead set against him.

But, unfortunately, our expectations of him have been confirmed!

Quotes from: Yahoo News: Attorney General Jeff Sessions recuses himself from campaign probes amid Russia questions.


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4 Responses to Sessions Failure to Recuse Himself “Several Weeks Ago” is an Indictment of His Character!

  1. Another nice post! The trouble with having such a fellow in charge of the domestic executive is illustrated by this: I was basically kicked off the internet two months ago by Trumpster and ostensibly Russian death threats, and the police will not look- I have still shown no one. I am certainly afraid to report this to the FBI, let alone insist that they un-disappear the unconstitutional interference with my speech and political action. I have suffered far worse that I do not relate, as a direct result of the threats and the failure of government at any level to protect us and inquire. Good to see you again, Mr Ghoh-whose-name-is-Joe! The revote failed, and if we cannot resuscitate the effort, Impeachment is all we have left

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    • Ghoh says:

      And Prof. MMc, it is good to see you again too. As on one occasion you mentioned health issues, I was concerned and thought sometimes of darker possibilities.

      I am afraid, however, that until the “S hits the F,” that I – speaking only for myself – must resign myself to the role of the great protagonist of Don Quixote. Wait, “Could that have been Sancho Panza?”

      Given you know my “broken record” spiel, we must hope that when the “S hits the F,” we and everybody else will still be here.

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      • In one death threat, they used the wordpress background picture you use, and rightly guessed I would trust it. That’s the sot of stuff these paid Trumpste-Putin trolls are doing. I just received a like from a wordpress website, “Biswoldcitizen” which has no content at all. Until we take back the internet and communicatons, our efforts will be pre-empted. I have asked Senator Peters for laws, for example against fake followers on twitter, and there is no response- as one would expect from representatives elected for the reasons we have been electing them. Twitter may be Russian, and if so, we need to get a hold of it. But whose job is that? The FBI! That’s why I tried to move to Canada!
        I was not dying, yet, but was attacked even by Trumpster relatives and accused of insanity. They committed perjury by saying I was a danger to myself or others, and the police so far will not allow charges of perjury to be pressed- they simply will not look, just as with the death threats. I had asked my uncle to look, thinking he was more the uncle I had known all my life and an American than he was a Trumpster. But these people are like drugged zombies. He simply attacked me, and moved other relatives to join in the perjury. Incidentally, meanwhile, Supreme Court Case # 16-907 to void the 2016 elections due to Russian interference was simply denied, without reasons given, by the court. After 20 days of saying “I have done nothing wrong and said nothing false and you have no right to hold me,” enough shrinks and a judge realized I am fine. They tried to drug me! But otherwise, the stay was charming, educational, and I met some nice people on both sides of the counter. What worries me is that someone may have influenced my uncle, someone who has an interest in my being declared insane so that no one will listen to me, for example about Putin or about what I have told Senator Stabenow about the CIA-etc. involvement in my education (which is illegal, and into which she will not inquire despite having been presented PLENTY of reason to ask a few questions. Perhaps I will blog about the use of psychiatry as an instrument of tyranny.

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      • Also note that the ostensibly Russians are using that nice girl Joliesattic, having hacked her website, near as I can figure. And remember, I said she seemed to find you from my site? She herself, though, is a saint, near as I can figure, and a fine and fun writer. I found her from “the neighborhood.” Commenting on her website, I was switched to a pot website. If the FBI is abusing its powers, well, we remind them of the charges against Nixon.

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