My Apology and My Pledge

I did a wrong thing! I made a non-responsive comment on someone’s Facebook post. By non-responsive I mean that my comment did not apply in any way whatsoever to the content of their post.

I said, “Compare him to John McCain who can’t name names.”

I realized my error last night and intended to delete my comment then, but unfortunately didn’t get to it.

John McCain had no relation to the subject of the post, except that my appreciation for someone who could take responsibility for his position prompted me to insert a comment referring to someone who didn’t.

It was a personal indulgence and I was wrong to do it.

Following my inappropriate comment were two additional non-responsive comments. The first one, two screens long and in all-caps, bore no relationship to the content of the post except for the first word, “OH !”

The second, in a more temporate manner made clear that they were referring to the subject of the post, but then went on to raise the possibility that the subject of the post was of dubious character:

“… & worse yet , we have no idea what, other then some possible facts , maybe motivating his opinion.”

That’s character assassination!

Those two additional responses have driven home to me that it is wrong to intrude in someone’s home, their Facebook page, “their home,” to indulge myself at my host’s expense.

I will have good things to say, or if I disagree, I will take care to only specifically address the content of the post while always respecting the sensibilities of everyone else present in places where I am a guest. “True conversation only!”

In future, I pledge to try my very best to never again fall into the trap of indulging myself at the expense of my host.

About Ghoh

My name is Joe, but username Joe was already taken. I am interested in politics, religion and ideas that are off the beaten path, whatever the subject.
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1 Response to My Apology and My Pledge

  1. Ghoh says:

    If one likes something, one should say so before commenting.


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