​Why Are Trump Supporters So Apoplectic With Anger Even Now That He Is President?

The reason is that they desperately need validation from Trump opponents who they know are right. They know deep down that the predicted disaster will “almost surely” come! We say “almost surely” because we ourselves cling, for self preservation, to the irrational hope that we are wrong. Trump supporters similarly hope, and tell themselves (somewhere?) that those disasters won’t happen, but they are desperately afraid that they will. And if they do, we MUST make them stand all alone by themselves. Make them hold the bag! You can be sure they will try to put it onto us, but we must not allow it.
Trump supporters need us to go along in accepting and approving of Trump. Actually, by accepting and approving of him, we are accepting and approving of them! Every time we repeat our objections, we refuse to accept THEM. That makes them wild with anger! It flies in the face of their desperate need to escape responsibility. Responsibility NOW! If they weren’t also afraid, it shouldn’t matter so much NOW!
But how do we know that they are “apoplectic with anger?” We can see it in how they respond to everything that we do. We can see it in how they react when we are not even addressing them – looking over our shoulders – while we try to explain and express our views, not to them, but to ourselves. At the very surface level, without regard for any content, we see their stream of consciousness rants ignoring grammar, spelling and coherence, as they spill out their guts. They have – as we can infer from suffering through their responses – made no attempt to proof-read.
What is beneath the surface is irrelevant because they make no attempt to address our arguments with any respect. They don’t honestly address us point by point or on any point. They change the subject or fake it. They make no attempt to reason with us because they know that they are wrong. They know that WE are right!
They know that if what we predict happens, we will hold them responsible. And it is from us that they need validation. They will see from knowing the consequences, just as we will, that they are responsible. Some may admit it to themselves, but never to us!
They like Trump, can never, for anything whatsoever – although perhaps realizing it on some level – “accept” responsibility. When catastrophe comes, they will still refuse – hard for us to believe – and their “apoplectic anger and hatred” could quickly turn violent!

BEWARE!!! We must never grant approval! If we do, the responsibility will NOT be shared. They will put it ALL on us!!!


About Ghoh

My name is Joe, but username Joe was already taken. I am interested in politics, religion and ideas that are off the beaten path, whatever the subject.
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