A Gift at Christmas.


Story told by the author – critically ill in early childhood – and his adventures with the fanciful Junior Angel Muddleduck who rescued him from his sickbed to go on wonderful fanciful journeys.


Years ago, when Christmas was still Christmas, and I was just a wee boy stuck in my room in the attic because of the asthma, and everything else that was wrong with me, I had many visitors during the day that brought me meals and drinks and warm loving hand that took my temperature and tucked me into bed, but only one visitor at night that made my head spin.

Junior Angel Muddleduck was not your more conventional little fellow, inordinately proud of the extra inch in height that allowed him to lord it over other junior angels and for rhyme, he claimed to wear a battered crown. He wore coat and hat, vernal green in a way no longer seen, and had shamrocks in his sleeves and in every wrinkle of his face a twinkle that put you at ease. But I was scared. ‘Because I see you, does…

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My name is Joe, but username Joe was already taken. I am interested in politics, religion and ideas that are off the beaten path, whatever the subject.
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7 Responses to A Gift at Christmas.

  1. Wow, Joe, that is worth re-blogging! That diamond from the angels allows us kids top see all sorts of things- good eye!. That could become a classic Christmas story. Thanx- MM


    • Ghoh says:

      Wonderful story. Beautifully told!


    • Ghoh says:

      Your comment, MMc, is very much appreciated!

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      • Fun too, if I blab a bit! Commenting on scripture was fun, and I would not have done it had no one been reading. I still want to try to get that Latin “my soul magnifies…” I was chanting Oh Come Emmanu-el”and wrote to that o blog about Cohen’s Halleluja, and sent a comment to Larry Arnn of Hillsdale, after reading his article in Imprimis [free conservative essay, ’bout one a month-sign up, @ Hillsdale. edu.]. I’m writing in the shed on Shake’s MSNDream, and reaching to read more Koran. I want to see a landscape map of north ‘ the salt sea, ‘cross from Jericho. ” Course, ‘e could also mean the other mountain, Sianai.


      • Ghoh says:

        For you having fun is a happy thing for me! Given my meager background in biblical subjects, including my own tradition, and most subjects generally, I appreciate what I can.

        You asked if all believe 2 Macabbees 2:4-8?

        I discovered that it is not in the Tenach or the KJB, but it is in other editions.

        I noted especially:

        “No one must know about this place until God gathers his people together again and shows them mercy. 8 At that time he will reveal where these things are hidden, and the dazzling light of his presence will be seen in the cloud, as it was in the time of Moses and on the occasion when Solomon prayed that the Temple might be dedicated in holy splendor.”

        I realize my comment is somewhat or totally non-responsive, and can only say what I believe:

        From what I glean from Crossan:

        The Kingdom of God was always here. Jesus, as many before him, showed how to find it. And many were, and are here after him, to show us the way.

        I hope I am getting Crossan right in my summary of his view of the miracle given to us by God.

        He says that, to my recollection, that the miracle of God is that we can be forgiven! Any of us and all of us. Crossan’s miracle is NOT a mystic concept. I think he means, and I for certain believe, that we ourselves, within ourselves, with no extra-metaphysical involvement, can heal ourselves.

        Socially, I summarize this:

        “Why can’t we all just get along?” But, WE CAN!!!

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      • Perhaps there is more in us than us! The people are gathered, or gathering as the return from a second world wide dispersion is one of the more clear prophecies. Hope for the mercy- and that they will not let Trump use them to beat up Muslims. Thanks-I do not have Crossan.

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      • Ghoh says:

        John Dominic Crossan, Biblical Historian (and I guess theologian): His every word oozes humanity and decency!


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