J Street the Ambassador and Jewish Values by Ayala Emmett

This is an important article by the Editor of The Jewish Pluralist, Ayala Emmett, on the subject of our designated ambassador to Israel. This is scary stuff. If you are not up on this already, be prepared to be more upset than you are already, even if you are up on this already!

J Street the Ambassador and Jewish
Values by Ayala Emmett


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6 Responses to J Street the Ambassador and Jewish Values by Ayala Emmett

  1. The link does not work. Hope its technical!


  2. The liberals and conservatives are becoming unable to talk at all. We think a limited Palestinian sub-state might be allowed square by square, linking only Palestinians who will recognize Israel, like BB says, as a precondition, but then have place, can prosper and persuade others till the violent ones are a minority, then a bad memory. In teaching the issue in American Government, we made sure the students understood that both were gifted sovereign territories in 1947 with Jerusalem an international city, and the Arabs would have none of it. But they were promised a state by Britain earlier, and got jilted. We want the Palestinians to consider Martin Luther King, Gandhi and peaceful protest. But tell BB to watch that trumpster- Trump wants to use the Jews to help beat up the Muslims, who like us are believers in one God, the God of Abraham and the last day. The “infidels” in the Koran are the polytheists and Atheists, but the Islamo-fascists do not read, if they even recite.

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