Conversation with Defender of Trump Tweets and Subsequent Threats to Carrier Union Leader

Them:  I’ll wait till the dust settles and we have all the facts before I comment. I find far too much emotion going on, in what should be intellectual evaluation of the happenings and events in our world.

Me: The dust is settling and piling up. (Adding now: Even if he resigned now and disappeared off the face of the earth, or the cosmos entire, the dust will never be finished settling.) There is not enough emotion going on where it belongs: in the Electoral College and the House and Senate. Intellectual evaluation should result in the appropriate concomitant emotional reaction according to Ayn Rand. 

Them: For all of those in “never Trump” mind set,… 

Me: I am not or ever been in the “never Trump” mind set. I am not in any mind set. I was convinced from the moment that he played the “birther” card that he was morally decrepit and unfit by virtue of character to hold any public office, let alone President. I don’t keep my position because of a “mind set.” There has been no new evidence since to indicate otherwise. I keep to my conclusion because he has said or done nothing to demonstrate otherwise, and seemingly day by day, confirms my conclusion. That is not a mind set. It is a position held based on continuing observations. My conclusion is subject to change, as everyone’s conclusions should be, but changes should come from evidence, old or new, reevaluations and new evaluations. New evidence confirms my original conclusion and there is none else. His challenge to the President’s legitimacy was, for me, in Aristotle’s terms, “Necessary and Sufficient.”

Them: …if you could dictate Mr. Trump’s actions, what specifically  would you have him do to satisfy your desires for now and the future?”

Me: Resign immediately.

Them: Let’s all remember that with rare exception we are all trying to do the best for ourselves and others, and that in most cases we are arguing over the details of how to cook the fish and not if we should be having apples for dinner.

Me: Your last paragraph does not apply to him.

Me: Personally attacking an opponent, signalling a target for attack from your hoard, smacks of the Brown Shirts [the SA]. In those days the orders were given behind the scenes. Here we see the orders given in public, and the responses taken right before our very eyes! How much more intimidating can you get?

Washington Post Article


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3 Responses to Conversation with Defender of Trump Tweets and Subsequent Threats to Carrier Union Leader

  1. Since he does not seem to care what he says to suit his advantage, I wonder how he thinks of this stuff at all. If he gets in, we hope he did not mean any of the terrible things he has proposed, and will be led around by the aristocratic rather than the oligarchic republicans. But that is overoptimistic, and the republicans are wrong if they think they can control a tyrant: electors consider.

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  2. Ghoh says:

    There is an astonishing “more” to this. The conversation was triggered by a reply to my grabber to link an article in the Washington Post. My grabber made crystal clear how I stood.

    I have since realized that the response, “I’ll wait till the dust settles and we have all the facts before I comment,” was made not to the article, but to my grabber. He hadn’t read the article. AARGH!

    This is not the Body Politic our Framers envisioned. Double AARGH!!


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