​What has to happen for Donald Trump to be removed from the Presidency? He has to be forced to withdraw!

How could that happen? Trump would withdraw if he was convinced, openly or behind the scenes, that immediately upon inauguration, in a special session, the House would impeach him by an overwhelming majority and the Senate convict by an overwhelming two-thirds majority. That they intended to impeach him and convict him in the morning and the afternoon of a same day, on the 21st, or on the 20th, if they could manage it.

How could that happen? If China’s response to the challenge presented to them by Trump’s overture to Taiwan is drastic and terrifying enough to scare us into removing him.

The cost of China knuckling under would be disastrous. We have to hope China realizes this. The example of such a formidable foreign government caving would set a precedent that would confirm the existential threat presented by Trump to the world. Thank God China is first! We should be thankful he didn’t set precedents with nations he could successfully intimidate. The consequences to the world of China failing to stand up to him will be disastrous.

Trump negotiates by making outrageous threats, convincing his opponents that he is crazy enough to carry them out. China has to call Trump’s bluff by threatening back with a response that convinces everyone that Trump is not the only one crazy enough to carry out insane threats. That China is and will!

China has a unique opportunity to save us from this wildcard monster. To do that China must react so severely that the rest of the world will be terrified. And not just terrified by the sound of the threat, but terrified that China will act.

All China would have to do would be to fully mobilize – not just threaten it but do it – for an invasion of Taiwan, and make clear, publically or behind the scenes, that they wouldn’t move until January 21st.

China may or may not realize it has this power. We hope they do realize it and respond disingenuouly, greatly increasing their lattitude in crafting a response. (They could perhaps work with us behind the scenes.) If they don’t see it from a manipulative perspective their response might not be enough. Or worse, premature and extreme, saving us from Trump, but not from some other catastrophe.

We need the fear to be great enough that in the House there would be enough Republicans to impeach him on their own, the overwhelming majority they already have needing only a simple majority, and in the Senate to convict, needing only a handful of Democrats. If an overwhelming majority of Republicans, with just a little bit of help from some Democrats, threatened to go public with their intentions to remove him, he will withdraw.

We may never know the reasons why – he will have to save face after all – but we would be rid of him!

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My name is Joe, but username Joe was already taken. I am interested in politics, religion and ideas that are off the beaten path, whatever the subject.
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3 Responses to How China Could Save Us from Donald Trump

  1. Yeah! Someone is thinking around this neighborhood!

    China is a bit dangerous, and it is an embarrassment that the U. S. has not been quicker to rise to these questions. We control the part of the internet where truth and the meaning of words matters, but they control the logarithms and now the spy-marketing that we so stupidly allowed without securing the system because we did bot want to admit to ourselves we were doing it.

    The prophesy is of course that the “Kings of the East” will lead a 600,000,000 man army, damming the Euphrates to march for a battle around Jerusalem. This is of course only possible just now. But hey, tell the U. S. planners that such a thing is a possibility we out prepare for take into account- they will not listen. We work for free, while they are professionals with cushy offices!

    Taiwan is free China, from when Sun Yat Sen escaped thee as Mao took over. Nixon switched to recognize China instead of Taiwan and this proved helpful. But, failing the liberation of China from the Western ideology of Marxism, we think Taiwan put be called, and ought be recognized as a separate nation. They wee free last I heard, though that may have changed.

    Lao Tzu is a wise man, while Marx is a pervert. So why is China so (Italics) stupid!


  2. The self interest of the republican party would be to let the electors stay “faithful,” while trying to keep the corrupted election results and have their guy Pence become president. This may backfire, though, and they are in for an unpleasant surprise if they think that because he is a dolt with no political thought of his own, they can control him. But 75% of Congress may already support impeachment. He might resign rather than face the question under oath “Did anyone promise you the election? And who? And do you know if anyone like Bright Bart interfered with the electorate?

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  3. Ghoh says:

    If only they were aware of their own self interest.


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