What Do the Pharmaceutical Industry and the NRA Have in Common?

Money Trumps Lives!

While Governor Chris Christie was announcing that he would not address any expansion of New Jersey’s medical marijuana program, after a 24 hour seizure, a 15 month-old baby died.

“I am done expanding the medical marijuana program.  Under any circumstances.”

The Governor couldn’t know that Sabina was being taken off her respirator at the time, but as far as I know, nothing more has been done in New Jersey to ease the unnecessary pain that medical marijuana could help or to save the children’s lives that could be saved.

“… the state has still not given the marijuana dispensaries permission to sell edibles.  And Sabina’s death has convinced other families to get edible marijuana for their children whatever ways they can.”

“State legislators introduced another bill that would allow parents to bring edible marijuana from other states until edibles are sold in New Jersey.”

“At a press conference in December, right after he was re-elected, [speaking while Sabina was dying] Christie said he wouldn’t consider it.”

“The pressure from parents recently caused the governor to acknowledge there are flaws with the medical marijuana program. He blamed it on the dispensaries, saying the businesses are not offering edibles because there is no profit in it for them.”

“But the state has [had] still not given the marijuana dispensaries permission to sell edibles.”

How disingenuous can Christie be?

This is insane!

The weapons industry’s opposition to any restrictions is likewise insane!

First of all, re the gun industry, in the face of their ludicrous position, I cannot credit any of the reasons they give on behalf of their position with any honour.

Likewise, how can we explain why Governor Christie would take such a position and make such phony excuses?  Even if some of the reasons he gives may sound reasonable on the surface, they are similarly incredible (or lies).  There is no honour in them.  They are disingenuous at best.  BOUGHT?

This incomprehensible response to the unnecessary,  criminally negligent and unconscionable death of a child, while taking no action to save the lives of others, boggles the mind!  The pharmaceutical industry’s opposition to and crippling of Obama Care, jeopardizing millions of lives, boggles the mind!  Can you come up with any answer other than money?  I can’t!

All quotes from WNYC Report: “The Risks Parents Take to Get Their Kids Medical Marijuana,” Friday, April 18, 2014

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1 Response to What Do the Pharmaceutical Industry and the NRA Have in Common?

  1. Kip says:

    Yep. It’s all about the Benjamins.


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