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What Do the Pharmaceutical Industry and the NRA Have in Common?

Money Trumps Lives! While Governor Chris Christie was announcing that he would not address any expansion of New Jersey’s medical marijuana program, after a 24 hour seizure, a 15 month-old baby died. “I am done expanding the medical marijuana program.  … Continue reading

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Prayer in Schools: Chris Matthews’ Guest, Libertarian Matt Kibbe, Evades the Issue with Sophistry

When asked if children should be subjected to religious views or practices not their own, Mr. Kibbe said that government should not be involved. Mr. Matthews anticipated incorrectly that Mr. Kibbe meant the Federal government, but Mr. Kibbe objected to … Continue reading

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Two Subjects – Same Issue: Denying the Obvious Puts Us Opponents of Torture and the Death Penalty at a Severe Disadvantage

Torture:  Torture works, i.e., gets useful information from the victim if the victim has useful information. Death Penalty:  Some crimes deserve death. I couldn’t help observing to myself that if information was wanted from me and I was threatened with being … Continue reading

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