The Tea Party and Conservative Wing of the Republican Party Want to Take Over the Party!

“What’s all this “primarying” really all about?  It should be obvious.  The purpose of the Tea Party and the Conservative Right is to take over the Republican Party.  To take it over, not just by intimidating the saner members, but to own it by majority.

Mostly about McConnell, those agin him, and his primary challenge, the article makes clear, especially McConnell’s remark at the end, that whenever a responsible Senator or Congressman is targeted for a primary challenge, the seat often goes to the Democrat!  This magnifies the terror by intimidation and automatically decreases the total Republican membership in the Senate, House, and State Legislatures.  Simple arithmetic reveals that right wing members will then hold a higher proportion of Republican seats.

Conservatives don’t care so much if the party is in shambles when they finally get hold of it.  They irrationally hope that it won’t be, but they will have the control they want.

The right has always been “used” by the Republicans to get elected, but always at the expense of what they wanted.  Hardly any satisfaction at all, EVER, explains their obvious anger at traditional Republicans, and their desire to take the party over from them.  They will then control the second of the two major parties by themselves. Imagine then, what damage they could do?

Perhaps if they already had that control – if a few adults hadn’t saved us just in time – we would right now be in a perfect storm of disaster


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My name is Joe, but username Joe was already taken. I am interested in politics, religion and ideas that are off the beaten path, whatever the subject.
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