Debt Ceiling Cliff: Fabulous opportunity for John Boehner to take control! Just needs to think outside the box.

  • Step one: Identify his real enemy. DONE: His own party, especially the conservatives who are holding the rest of the party hostage.
  • Final Step:  Get them to beg him to release the House to vote through a clean bill.
  • How:  Delay releasing them while the number of declared moderates climbs up and up as the debt limit deadline gets closer and closer to the brink of Republican disaster until they all, conservatives included, realize he holds their lives in his hands! Make them all beg, especially the conservatives.  Make them guarantee his dominance going forward before agreeing to save their asses!  Terrify them more by delaying to the bitter end!

About Ghoh

My name is Joe, but username Joe was already taken. I am interested in politics, religion and ideas that are off the beaten path, whatever the subject.
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