“Lunch Pail” and Angry Republicans: If You’re Unwilling to Vote for Democrats – You’re Out of Luck!

Unfortunately, I am afraid that a vast proportion of these Lunch Pail Republicans will fail to support the Democratic Party, which truly avows to and actually does support labor. They will not only stay home on Election Day to withhold their votes from the party that no longer stands for them, even against them, but will actually give them their votes. Why is this? Why is it so hard for people to vote for the other party, in this case, the Democratic Party?


They have always voted Republican as their parents had before them.  Would voting against them now repudiate their support given in the past?  Would they have to swallow the bitter pill that they and their parents have been wrong all along and have to live with that! No! The Republicans of today are not the Republicans of yesterday!

The party has changed. NOT YOU!

If you are a Lunch Pail Republican, your very own website eloquently expresses your appreciation of this painfully obvious truth.  See the comprehensive and beautiful survey in Yahoo Thom’s post: GOP betrayal of the Middle Class White Guy! – How the GOP betrayed the “Lunch Pail” Republicans…  So if you really want to send your party a message that they will really “hear,” vote Democratic and they will have to fight to get your vote back, and stop taking you for granted, and worse, act against your interests. That is, YOU!

The immediate satisfaction of myopic hatred and anger!

When people are angry, and the Lunch Pail Republicans for sure are, their hatred and anger blinders them and prevents them from seeing anything else.  Expressing that anger and hatred is satisfying in a sick way. You don’t have to wait for it. It is immediately satisfying. It is there whenever you feel it.  It gets in the way of everything else, even what really matters: Who the enemy really is and what really matters to survival.

It has been the policy and program of the Republican Party since the Southern Strategy, and even much earlier also, to appeal to racism and later on in the seventies with the now called wedge issues. And the Republican Party, that has been stoking these angers and the resulting hatreds, has been so successful at it that they have birthed their very own Frankenstein Monster, the Tea Party.

The wedge issues and the anger and hatred they evoke is their stock and trade and they have been so successful that their constituents see only anger and the satisfaction, and more likely, the fantasy of taking that anger out on trumped up enemies. The real enemy is their party, the Republican Party that has manipulated and used them.

Real Republicans should please realize this and repudiate the party that is no longer their parents party and their party, but now stands in stark opposition to the party they held dear.

It is time for the Lunch Pail Republicans and all sympathetic to them and their concerns to vote for Democrats. It is time to support the party that stands with them, despite its support for some things that they oppose, rather than commit suicide.


About Ghoh

My name is Joe, but username Joe was already taken. I am interested in politics, religion and ideas that are off the beaten path, whatever the subject.
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