Now the Civil Rights Act!

We see the continuation of suicidal, that is, already dead behavior in yesterday’s Supreme Court decision that basically decimated the Civil Rights Act.  Is there any hope for the mean-spirited Republicans and conservatives?  No, in the long run there is no hope.  In their death throes they are trying to leave us a legacy to haunt and control our future.  But their future will not last for very long.

It is inescapable that they are dying out, in the mortal sense, at an increasingly rapid pace.  Almost all twenty year olds, thirty year olds, and forty-year olds, will be with us in ten years.  Fewer sixty year olds, etc.  But many will be alive to see our future arrive!

The demographic race is on our side, especially with regard to racial and ethnic minorities, who are quickly becoming more and more in the majority.  Members of the House and Senate, who only have the next election in sight, are expecting that closer to the Presidential Election in 2016, behavior less enraging to minorities, or even throwing them some bones, will get them into the White House.

Note that only during the runup to President Obama’s reelection did we come to realize that young Cubans did not sympathize with the anti-Democratic Party prejudices of their parents and grandparents.  That’s fifty years since Kennedy!   Minority children, young adults, adults, parents, and grandparents will be harboring resentment, even hatred for Republicans and conservatives for generations, even innocent ones, until the subject no longer resonates with their children.  Lots of time to reverse any damage done now by the walking dead!

Time and forces for good are on our side!


About Ghoh

My name is Joe, but username Joe was already taken. I am interested in politics, religion and ideas that are off the beaten path, whatever the subject.
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6 Responses to Now the Civil Rights Act!

  1. yahoothom says:

    It truly is World War Z…the Republicans are the Zombies


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