When my wife’s mother said that she heard talk in the media that President Obama would lose the election due to voting machine fraud, I shouldn’t have cut her off.

I said that would never happen, the President was a shoo-in and the media was blowing this subject up to have something dramatic to talk about. Surely I got this last one right. But it was wrong to suppress the conversation. What should be suppressed is scare talk.

We should be talking now, and constantly, about how unexpected differences between “official” results and exit polls demonstrate election fraud. Exit polls, except in extremely close contests, are spectacularly accurate.  If, in elections that are not close and expected to go one way, not the other, the “official” results differ enough from the exit polls to turn the election, we should conclude there’s fraud! Probably by voting machine or data base manipulation.

Now’s the time to start:

  • If we don’t begin discussing this now, before the election, and the “official” results differ enough from the exit polls to turn the election, the “20-20 hindsight” discussion of the possibility of fraud will be too late to help.
  • If we start the discussion now, the voters will have a chance to come to understand the importance of exit polls in keeping elections honest. If the “official” results and the exit polls differ enough to turn the election, they will recognize the significance and suspect fraud. Hopefully, their outcry will be enough to save us!
  • If we start this discussion now and it gets traction, those who could manipulate the election might “self-suppress!”

About Ghoh

My name is Joe, but username Joe was already taken. I am interested in politics, religion and ideas that are off the beaten path, whatever the subject.
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