Obama is now ahead with men! And it’s not just a bounce. It’s a big deal!

Men now favor President Obama by one percentage point over Governor Romney, 48% to 47%, according to a three day CNN | ORC poll taken immediately following the Democratic Convention. Although well within the 3.5% margin of error, it is a whopping improvement over last week’s results: Romney decisively by 12, with 55%.

In last week’s poll the uncommitted were 2%, but are now 5%. Where did 3% of the committed go? Considering the overall trend from last week to now, they went from “Sure about Romney” to “Maybe Obama.”

I think it is a very difficult thing for a man to change his mind about who is a man, a real man, and who is not. Especially since a man’s judgement of other men’s masculinity is so much a reflection of his own, a man finds it particularly hard to admit to himself, “I really can’t tell who the real men are!” A man could only change his mind begrudgingly, and once changed, not change back.

This evolution has likely been brewing for a long time and the Conventions just sealed the deal.

Although men tend to favor Republicans, perhaps Romney just doesn’t impress them as being manly any more, or perhaps he never did and just got the benefit of the doubt.  But, everything about President Obama is manly. Always cool, conspicuously so under fire, he can and has taken big risks. He keeps to his positions, we understand changes, and can often sense where he is going before he declares a modified or new position.

This trend will hold and it will grow as the President continues to be the man he is and Governor Romney continues to be the man he is not!

Proof: Governor Romney’s hysterical response to the attacks on us in Egypt and Libya.


About Ghoh

My name is Joe, but username Joe was already taken. I am interested in politics, religion and ideas that are off the beaten path, whatever the subject.
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