Buttigieg Should Withdraw NOW!

Mayor Pete should not attend the Democratic Party debate. He should remain in South Bend and unsuccessfully deal with his problems with his Black Community. He should withdraw his candidacy immediately, if not sooner. His candidacy is dead!

If I were a black South Bend resident, or resident of conscience of any stripe, I would promote an anti-Buttigieg agenda to destroy the possibility of his getting any support from blacks, and others of conscience in the country. Buttigieg is not too young. He is qualified except for this. He should withdraw now. He should announce his intention to make a public statement and his first words should be, “I am disbanding my campaign and as of this moment I am not a candidate for the presidency of the United States.”

He could then dedicate his next years as mayor to addressing all the issues that separate him from the black community. If he succeeds excellently, the blacks, and others of color and conscience in his community, could support him for President. They could make him the formidable charismatic candidate the Democratic Party and the country desperately needs.

That is, unless they come to love him so much that they want to keep him in South Bend.

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10 Minutes From War!

Let’s say the only thing true about the pullback from attacking Iran was that the decision was made and transmitted 10 minutes before it was too late.

We returned from Florida yesterday:

At long last we are home safe and sound. The flight was fine, but it was supposed to leave at 1:30; delayed to 2:30; delayed to 4:05; and then they couldn’t extend the bridge so the incoming passengers couldn’t get off; and then after a comfortable flight we were held in a holding pattern; and then after taxiing we were informed that another plane was at our gate and we had to wait for it to clear. Took a cab. That went well. Home around 9:15.

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Impeach Trump – Limit Investigations to Relevance!

The Democrats should reduce their message to impeachment only. The House should curtail investigation of his tax returns to 2017 and 2018. Impeachable offenses cannot be found in prior years. I would bet that if the House reduced their demand to only 17 and 18, he would poop his pants.

We should shut down all investigations, e.g, stuff from before his presidency, that in their natures can’t reveal impeachable offences. We should try to wait to take action to maximize the publics’ being onboard to increase the unlikely possibility that the Senate will go along. Notwithstanding, he must be impeached. We can’t wait until it’s too late to act. Even without public support and guaranteed failure in the Senate, he must be impeached!

Mueller sent the message that his report as delivered was sufficient. That’s why he gave the narrowly drawn thanks to Barr for releasing what he released. Some investigations may be helpful, but holding up the show for redactions is unnecessary and impeachment stopping. And as they say, without spelling out how, impeachment opens up the availability of investigation resources.

If investigations were strictly limited only to ones that the public can easily imagine to reveal impeachable offenses, they would be able to focus on the main and only point. Trump would go nuts.

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Mueller Insulted Barr!

Mueller’s remarks are very subtle. One point missed in all comments I have heard is the insult to Barr.

First comments pointed out Mueller’s reference to respect for Barr as respect for Barr. Very shortly after they realized the respect was given in the narrow context of the release of most of the report.

So far, I have not heard comments, that in the absence of a statement of overall respect for Barr, and in the presence of respect given for the investigators and their agencies, that Mueller is in effect, insulting Barr. This was certainly not missed by Barr.

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Mueller Wants Congress to Lay Off Seeking Redactions and His Testimony (for the moment.)

Referring to Barr’s good faith in this narrow context, and especially “made the report largely public” means there is enough available to proceed with impeachment already. To wait until impeachment to use redactions to nail the case down, and for him to testify when it matters.

“The attorney general then concluded that it was appropriate to provide our report to Congress and to the American people. At one point in time, I requested that certain portions of the report be released and the attorney general preferred to make — preferred to make the entire report public all at once and we appreciate that the attorney general made the report largely public. And I certainly do not question the attorney general’s good faith in that decision.”

By “in this manner” he means: Before the action clearly called for in my report is taken, i.e., prematurely.

“Now, I hope and expect this to be the only time that I will speak to you in this manner…There has been discussion about an appearance before Congress.

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Mueller Doesn’t Rule Out Collusion!

Mueller said, “If we had confidence that the president had clearly not committed a crime we would have said so,” said Mueller, adding, “Charging the president with a crime is not an option we could consider.”
Note that although this was said in the context of obstruction, accepting that the evidence for conspiracy is weaker, the statement applies equally to both.
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Kamala Harris Does Not Have Auto-reply Set Up On Her Designated Campaign Email Address!

“To contact Kamala Harris For The People, please email info@kamalaharris.org.” I just emailed, “Do you have auto-reply set up on this email address?” My first message to this address was to congratulate her and express appreciation for fine answers to tough issues raised in her first public interview by Rachel Maddow. No auto-reply ever, not yet this time!

At first I sent several messages to this address expressing the importance of having auto-reply. I felt that this shortcoming was so obvious that if this account was at least being monitored it would have quickly resulted in setting up auto-play ASAP!

Now I am afraid that this email address is a “Black Hole!”

Now I am opposed to the candidacy of Kamala Harris on grounds of incompetence. If Ms. Harris does not have the competence to choose a webmaster who has the sense to set up auto-reply, or even knows how to, how can we expect her to select people of plain common sense or competence on matters of critical life-challenging matters affecting our country and its people? Not to mention the world!

Has she rejected auto-reply herself? Perhaps Ms. Harris does not know what to say in an auto-reply. This is understandable since an auto-reply can feel disingenuos, suspected of being a ‘Black Hole.”

Does Ms. Harris not have the skill to compose, or choose someone to compose, an effective auto-reply? For example, “You can be sure that every message will be read by me, most likely by one of my staff, and I will be kept informed of the sense of all your messsges. Sometimes a member of my staff will reply to you personally, or possibly I will reply to you personally myself.”

Is Kamala Harris prepared to expend whatever resources that would be necessary to keep any and all promises made in an auto-reply? An auto-reply is a golden opportunity to show her followers – and anyone interested in communicating with her – that she religiously keeps promises made to those who show interest, who expend their time and energy to reach her.

I was shocked when I originally failed to get any reply to messages to the Kamala Harris Campaign. Now I am amazed that since then nothing has changed. Is Ms. Harris incompetent in not knowing how to choose a competent web master, not knowing how to draft or select an advisor to draft an appropriate reply to messages addressed to her, or to commit to any and all promises made in her response?

So which is worst?

· Not knowing how to select campaign staff (eventually administration personnel) and incapable of judging their work?

· Unreachable through her campaign email address, perhaps because it is unmonitored?

· Incapable of drafting, or finding someone capable of drafting an appropriate and excellent reply to people who want to communicate with her?

· Unwilling or incapable of committing the resources to keep promises made in replies to messages?

Hard to choose, but in keeping with the season, maybe “Dayenu (Da-ye-nu)” says it all: Any of these would be, on their own, enough to reject Kamala Harris for President!

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